Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Games might be over but I have the Olympic fever !

I know its already been a few days but im sure you are all aware that the Olympic Games are however. I think that the world can say ''thank you'' to Great Britain. These Games have been PERFECT. For sure, there were minor issues with ticketing at the start but it was quickly resolved. From my perspective, as a tourist in London, everything was great. We can give A+ to the LOCOG (London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games); the city was filled with volunteers to assist everyone at any given time, the transportation system was also fine (yes sometimes with minor delays, but that needs to be expected when a city like London, with such a complexe urban infrastructure, is the host to such a big event). We must not forget the show, from the opening to the closing ceremony, everything was just a big party, Great Britain's party. These Games were by Great Britain for Great Britain and the incredible performance delivered by the british athletes only made the celebrations better ! 

The Games are over and you can clearly feel the difference when walking around London. The ''Olympic jet set'' has left and the ''normal'' tourists have returned. This being my second Olympics, I am looking forward to a third experience. Perhaps a winter event (Sotchi) or Rio... I think it is important to mention that when Brazil will be the host country in 2016, it will be the first time ever that the Olympic Games will be held in South America.. so its going to be AMAZING and believe me, they will be ready. 

On my side, I did not attend the closing ceremony but celebrated with friends and also coaching staff of the canadian boxer Mary Spencer. Here is a picture of me with coach Charlie Stewart and the the physio Riccardo.

I must also add that I went to Canada House (located on Trafalgar Square) earlier that day and the Canadian Olympic Committee was celebrating the Women's soccer team for the win of their bronze medal. Christine Sinclair (captain) held a great speech on how hard they've been working to get strong as a team. I hope that the women on this soccer team realize how they've changed the future of soccer in Canada, especially for young women. I was very happy that she was chosen to be the flag bearer for the closing ceremony.

Thank you all for following me during this journey, I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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