Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busy Bee

The last few days have been extremely BUSY ! I started working with the Canadian Olympic Committee from Wednesday to Saturday with  8-10 hour shifts everyday. A lot of things needed to be done on the first few days; unpack millions of boxes which contained multiple clothing items to then pack about 600 bags for the athletes and members of the mission team. Now we have set up the dressing room and we are waiting for the athletes to come in next week for their outfitting sessions. The people I work with are pretty cool, they come from around Canada ( few from Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal).

As for the beautiful city of London, the more I walk around, the more I love this city. Its just so AWESOME. London has multiple neighbourhoods and all are so different. Today, I decided to wake up early (to avoid crowds) and go to Notting Hill to see the Portobello Market. Notting Hill first made me think of some rich place (lots of nice cars parked in the streets), yet again, as soon as I started walking deeper in the neighbourhood it made me think of a city like San Francisco, relaxed. So, besides the movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, Notting Hill is popular for the market, but also for its nice little terraces, trendy clothing stores and a few ($$) victorian houses.

Next time, I will visit Camden town which is a district known for its alternative culture, numerous music venues and more markets.

Yesterday I went to visit the London Tower Bridge (built in 1886) that is located on the River Thames. Not only has it become an iconic symbol over the years but it is also a very important bridge because it still has its initial functions (combined bascule and suspension bridge). I got lucky, as I walked onto the bridge a boat had to pass under and the bridge had to be opened. Besides the fact that when you walk onto the bridge, you have the impression that you are going to Disney land (because of the colors on the sides), you also feel like your in some movie because its simply so beautiful. I must say I love the Olympic rings in the middle. 

That's pretty much all for today. To finish, here is one of the many adds we see everywhere in the Tube. It shows that thehe city has really been preparing its citizens the the fact that, well, life will not be the same during the Games. 

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