Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Welcome to London

London, here I am !

I arrived Monday afternoon and had a day to walk around the city as I only start working tomorrow. So far, this city is simply amazing. The people are so kind, polite and good looking (the British accent does also add a little special touch) and this gives you the impression that your not in one of the worlds largest city but in some small random town. I also must say that I enjoy the cosmopolitan side of London, it just makes you feel like everyone is equal and this obviously adds to the peacefulness of the place. For a tourist, London is like winning the jackpot. To start off, not only does the city have over 240 museums but there are also numerous royal and historical attractions like the Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the London Eye,... What ever direction you decided to take, you always end up finding something interesting. Yesterday night I went to visit the Buckingham Palace (you know where the Queen lives). She unfortunately did not invite me for a cup of tea, I think she was already sleeping, but that's ok as I do understand that she runs on a tight schedule. 

This morning I attempted to watch the ''Changing of the Guard'' but it was literally packed with thousands of people so I only watched the first part, which is when the Queen's Life Guard come out of the Horse Guards in Whitehall.

After that, I went looking for water, more specifically the Thames which is a river that flows through the city. There are a few attractions near the Thames but today I only saw two of them like the London Eye (the giant Ferris wheel, the tallest one in Europe) and the Houses of Parliament also named Palace of Westminster with the Big Ben clock Tower (only Brits with authorization can visit it and this by writing to their MP).

Finally, I must admit that the paintings on the ground ''Look right'' or ''Look left'' are pretty damn useful. At first, I thought it was a bit....silly but....no, im sure they save hundreds of lives everyday (trust me). So that was pretty much my tourist life of today. Tomorrow the actual Olympic journey S-T-A-R-T-S and I cant wait to meet my ''team'', hopefully we all get along well and make this moment amazing.

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