Sunday, July 29, 2012

May the Games begin!

Last few days have been quite busy with Olympic related activities ! The athletes have all received their  outfits before the opening ceremony and I can only say mission accomplished for the outfits !!! The city has really became an ''Olympic'' one, where ever you go, you clearly see that everything is now about the Games. Might it be with athletes walking around the city, Olympic volunteers and employee's and well tourists supporting their nations. Numerous activities in pub's, park's and so on. 

A few days ago I followed the Olympic Torch relay near Wimbledon tennis courts, it was a beautiful day (bright sun and very warm) and I got to see Venus Williams. I must also say that it is very impressive to see the ''team'' and process that takes care of the entire relay. Not only major sponsor's like Coca-Cola, Samsung but also all the security forces involved.

As for the Opening ceremony, I think that it was simple but great! The spectacle must of been amazing from the inside of the stadium. My favorite part was definitely Mr. Bean's performance, I mean come on its Mr Bean !!!!

Now that this is over, the Games have (finally) begun ! Yesterday, I was lucky to get a ticket for some tennis action. On Center Court, I got to see Wozniacki defeat Great Britain's Anne Keothavong in 3 sets. This match was great because all the brits were supporting their athlete and the atmosphere was obviously more than pleasant ! It was my first time at the site of Wimbledon and I must say that not only was I very happy but everything was finally becoming reality. I often watch the Championships on TV, but being there, in person is just like an other dream becoming true, I didnt want to leave :(

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