Saturday, July 21, 2012

Expect the unexpected

This day, has been, by far the most AMAZING day. I was going to create a post this morning about how I visited Camden town yesterday and bla bla bla BUT today I meant Sam Stosur and that ladies and gentlemen's, changes everything. For the ones who do not know who she is, she is an Australian tennis player (who won the US Open last year) and I have a great admiration for her.

You see, I wasn't expecting this. I was meeting a friend (that I met true a Sam Stosur related forum), we were going for coffee in Putney (area in South west London) and then go for a stroll in the Richmond Park (the biggest park in London) as for once it was sunny in London. Once we got out of the coffee shop, we got on a bus and then BAM my friend saw Simmone Morrow walking on the streets and said ''It's Sim, we have to go talk to her''. Sim is a professional softball player from Australia (she won 3 medals in the Olympics) but she is also Sam Stosur's physical coach. I wasn't really gonna run after Sim, but my friend kinda, really, dragged me along. Once we got to her, we had an extremely nice and long conversation about Sam, tennis, softball, the Olympics, and so on. We got to know that Sam was practising at Wimbledon and Roehampton and that she was going to live in the Olympic village within the next few days, we wished them the best of luck for the Games and that was that. 

As planned, we went for our beautiful walk in Richmond Park, where we saw the Queen's deers and I even got to take a picture with them. It's sad to know that every fall, these deers are hunted and the meat is given to the Queen.. but that's life. Anyway, Richmond Park is amazingly big, in a state of pure nature and I would recommend anyone to go and have a picnic there.

On our way back to Putney, we decided to stop at the Roehampton tennis Club, just to see if there was a possibility to see the tennis players practice. Obviously, we were told that, well, no it was a private club. As soon as we got our answer we turned around and then, there she was Sam Stosur arrived in a car. Her coach was, im assuming going to reserv a court for the next day, as she was staying in the car. We asked if a picture could be take and half a second later we were having a chat with her and getting pictures. Im sorry if all of this sounds ''stalkerish'' but you need to understand that there are only a few athletes that I respect so much. Not only is she, to my eyes, a great tennis women, but I also admire her for who she is as person, laid back, normal (unlike other tennis players who think they are the ''shit''). I must also admit that there is was something special about this day, luck, karma, I dont know what it is but how is it possible to meet both these great athletes, so randomly in one day. None of this was planned and yet again everything was perfectly timed. Anyway, im going to stop rambling about this but its crazy and I think I should go buy a lottery ticket.

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